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  Walker Art Center

  Walker Art Center - Art Entertainment Network (AEN)

Art Entertainment Network (AEN) is an online exhibition of Web-based work curated by Walker Art Center New Media Initiatives Director, Steve Deitz. AEN represents more than 40 artists working in the interstices of art, entertainment, and networked media. AEN presents the virtual component of the international art exhibition Let's Entertain.

AEN is constructed as a 'portal', an artists' version of Yahoo! Or MSNBC, except that each of the functions of a portal - the search engine, the calendar, membership, or the daily meme - is an artist project. In toto, the AEN portal explores that which may already seem normal as the not-yet-necessary. These artists have the vision to imagine something different, both entertaining and disturbing. AEN will be presented in the Let's Entertain galleries via a specially designed "portal", which is a freestanding revolving door with an embedded computer screen. As a participant pushes the door around, it accesses different projects in AEN, moving through cyberspace but always returning to the same physical space.

1:1 appears in the AEN exhibition of Web-based projects and SoftSub is a downloadable C5 product which is offered in the artWarez "store".



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