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theory as product
C5 devises visualization models for analysis and mapping of cooperative systems. Focus is on the development of tactical information strategies involving system visualization, databases and distributed networks. Experiments, analysis models, prototypes and simulations define C5 theory as information commodity. In systems where uncertainty is high and specific goals not defined, new approaches to emerging knowledge are required.
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Geographic Information Systems and GPS
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C5 Landscape Database *New Version 2.0* released in association with Futuresonic celebrating 10 years!
Data Mining/Knowledge Representation
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16 sessions, the walker art center
Mingling Research
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field mediation, the tech museum of innovation
16 sessions, the walker art center
Radio Controlled Surveillance Probes (RCSP) Research Strategies
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rcsp research
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Landscape Data and Complex Adaptive System Earth
The Landscape and Culture
Database Logic(s) and Landscape Art
Toward Autopoietic Database
Entailment Mesh
Expansive Order
Social Software
String (2000)
Ontology of Organization as System

C5 Landscape Database