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  C5 Corporation takes on the Eco-Challenge

C5 is currently training members and developing a support team for participation in the Eco-Challenge. The Eco-Challenge is the ultimate expedition race. It is an epic drama that requires the skills of strategic analysis, social entailment and physical stamina.

A team of four will race non-stop, 24-hours a day, over a rugged 300-mile (500km) course, participating in such disciplines as trekking, whitewater canoeing, horseback riding, sea kayaking, scuba diving, mountaineering and mountain biking. The Eco-Challenge transcends the individual. It's essence lies in team dynamics and the ability to problem solve under the highest levels of psychological and physical stress. It is a race measured by tactics, cooperation networks and extraordinary endurance. C5 research endeavors situate its members as uniquely qualified.

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