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  Ars Electronica

  C5 @ Ars Electronica 99/openX

Ars Electronica - a Festival for Art, Technology and Society - was initiated in 1979 and focuses on electronic art and media theory.

Festival: Life Science
With this year's Festival, Ars Electronica begins to focus on issues in the field of modern biotechnology. This constitutes a reorientation, as well as the continuation of a practice with a long history of success: namely, turning attention to those areas where conflicts develop in the sphere of tension and interplay at the nexus of technology and society, and bringing art into play as an interface and catalyst for the interaction involving science and the general public. Life science - the term which subsumes modern genetic and biological technologies - has emerged as leading contender to become the key technology of the coming decades.

openX is dedicated to art whose area of activity lies primarily in the immaterial communications sphere of digital networks and which defies conventional forms of presentation.

C5 Project: SoftSub
SoftSub is a free software application that probes the organizational structure of a computer, resulting in a summary of the interrelations between files, folders, system, and desktop configurations. The application generates a small numerical data packet, detailing the organizational structure of the client computer while running as a screen saver, which provides for dynamic mapping of the directory structure and organizational methods. On completion, SoftSub opens a socket connection, transferring the data packet into a C5 data bank. C5 knowledge representation and mapping algorithms are applied, creating a profile represented as an iconographic sign, which is integrated into a nearest neighbor profile mesh and cluster map presented on the C5 web site, allowing for comparisons of organizational traits. Each profile depicts an ontology of organization enabled by the user.



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