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  SoftSub Research Project
An organizational visualization and mapping project

Welcome to SoftSub!

What is SoftSub? C5's SoftSub research project is directed at developing a better understanding of the dynamics of organizational architectures and strategies involving personal computers. We are specifically interested in a better understanding of the dynamics of the relationship between files, folders, system, and desktop configurations.

What is the objective? At C5 we think that individual users evolve organizational styles and structures that are not unique to their computing activity, but rather belong to larger communities of 'organizations'. There is no discrete computer.

The objective of SoftSub research is to better understand the dynamics of how individual strategies and styles of organization are formed, sustained and transformed in relation to other computer users.

How does SoftSub work? SoftSub is a free, downloadable software application in the form of a screen saver. This client application summarizes 20 characteristics associated with the file structure organization and provides for a real time visual comparison of the hard drive and desktop configuration. Upon completion you can elect to open a socket connection and transfer this profile to C5 where it is dynamically compared to other SoftSub users. By logging onto the C5 web site and electing to upload your profile, you have access privileges to an analysis of your profile where it is compared with those of other SoftSub users. A terrific way to see where you fit in the big picture!

Screen saver examples
Screen Saver Example 1 Screen Saver Example 2
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Screen Saver Example 3 Screen Saver Example 4
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Why should I be involved? Being part of the C5 SoftSub community is an interesting and mutually beneficial collaboration. We understand that you are providing us with valuable information that enables our research. For that we will make the results available to you at no cost. The screen saver is free of course, whether you elect to upload data or not.

Practical Applicatons? It is not our intention to develop a product, but rather to conduct research that may open a market for new products. C5 research into organizational systems may prove to be important in areas such as intelligent desktops and work group communications.

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