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C5 - Quest for Success: Perform quest

Perform quest

Friday, August 11th : 6-9pm
The C5 Quest for Success competition will depart from South Hall, where the C5 Quest for Success exhibition installation will be located.

The Perform Quest emphasizes performance and offers five players the chance to compete for the opportunity to pitch their concept to an internationally known performance artist and director. Perform, in this context, implies the enactment or staging of a specific music or theatrical event. We are looking for the best proposal that embraces the creative, research, business, and scholarly interest of C5.

Five players will be selected through a pre-screening process: Request for Qualifications. Initial proposals will be evaluated by C5. RFQ materials will be presented on the C5 Quest for Success web site.

The Request for Qualifications should include a description of your proposal concept along with your unique qualifications to see it realized. RFQ may contain 1500 words or less and should include any supporting imagery, data, etc. that will help explicate your ambitions. The RFQ should be submitted in PDF format. Also required are 3 items which will be posted on the C5 Quest for Success web site: a brief synopsis of your proposal (no more than 750 characters), a recent photo of yourself, and one image (550 pixels wide or less) that represents your proposal. Remember the game design is structured to test your creativity, analysis, problem solving, management, and communication skills. It is also about being responsive to the agendas of the sponsors.

If you are selected, you will be formally invited to participate in the C5 Quest for Success and must sign a Participation Contract that includes non-disclosure and release from liability agreements. Additional materials will be requested for marketing and promotions as appropriate.

As a Contestant, you will be assigned a C5 liaison that will help you prepare for the competition and provide details on the event production and logistics. Upon arrival, you will be assigned a C5 chauffeur who will be your team partner in the competition.

The submission deadline is now closed. Selected contestants will be notified by Friday, July 28, 2006. A listing of particpants and schedules will be posted soon.

Downtown San Jose